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Steve Cochran - Digital Media Producer

I live in New Zealand and have been a video producer for over 20 years. I'm now thinking of going freelance offering video production, motion graphics and animation. My main clients will be small to medium-sized businesses and government departments needing digital media for their websites and presentations.

I'm making a logo to go on my website, business cards and watermarking videos (and I'm sure other opportunities will pop up).

I had a good look at other media companies, design companies and various other creative companies to get ideas.


I then made quite a few sketches of logo ideas. I really wanted to keep it simples and tried several different things. I spent a long time on it and finally found a stencil-type font that had a C. The inner space of the C kind of looked like the profile of a camera lens so I took the idea and ran with it. (sorry for the bad quality photo!)



I"m still not sure about the fonts. Do I need a bolder font for my name to stand out a bit more like the top two (Biko font)?  I'm thinking the bottom two are too plain (Alte-haas font). I would really love some feedback on them or different font ideas altogether.

I'm also still playing around with the size of the 'lens' so it still looks like a lens but can also be seen as a 'C'.

I then though about colours. I would only colour the logo and not the type.


I'm steering more for the orange or blue. What do you think? All feedback is greatly appreciated!


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