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Steps: what a difference a run can make

I wanted to start really simple as I have never used illustrator before. I am a Master in Public Health student and a runner. I own a fitbit so I thought: easy data. I wanted to start with looking at one day where I was more active than usual in a clock like format: my day in steps. As a public health nerd I think a lot about how the simple act of walking could be incorporated into our lives more for better health down the road. I am always suprised when I look at my fitbit on days whenI run and see how quickly I meet the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Even a really short run, I am talking 2 miles, can bump me up to or past 10,000 steps on most days. I like to think that a 2 mile run or walk or jog or whatever is an accessible distance for people who don't consider themselves athletic and can be more easily incorporated into our days than a full-out gym workout. This is the story I want to tell.

This is a version of my active day sketch. I am thinking of also sketching an inactive day of fitbit data (no biking, no excessive walking, maybe a run and normal work stuff)  in the clock format to compare. I am envisioning the "clocks" next to each other- but I am playing with the idea of overlapping them- which is making my head explode right now. However, it would be cool to show an active day, inactive day, recommended number of daily steps for an adult, and average number of steps a day an american takes (maybe in specific age groups?!) all in one clock. 


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