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Steph's Project


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Narrowing down my obsessions to 3 themes. These are my three themes.

1. Love: The joy and love of having a child
2. Loss of innocence: Witnessing your child's loss of innocence (when they are hurt for the first time)
3. Isolation/loneliness: Missing your children when they are grown

A while back, I had an idea for an animation that I have called, "The Toy Tree." It was to be about a lonely tree that is visited by children every so often and when the children accidentally leave toys behind, the tree keeps the toys and hides them high in its branches, as both ways of remembering the children and saving them for when the children return. Noticing that several ideas related to this were showing up in my obsession list, I decided to try to flesh out the idea through this class. Looking at it through the lens of these exercises has been very helpful, especially in terms of uncovering the themes. I think the 3 themes above are really the heart of my vision for this story.

Other ideas that are niggling at me and seem to want to be included:

> Lost and forgotten things
I have a fascination with lost objects, especially shoes at the side of the road. I see them all the time and I wonder how they came to be there. I started taking photographs of them, if I happen upon one on a not-so-busy road.

> Crows
I have a love/hate relationship with crows. I am fascinated by them, but when they appear, either as a single crow, or as a group making a lot of noise, I worry. At one particularly difficult time in my life, they always appeared just before something was going to happen. So when I hear or see them now, I always wonder what is going to happen. I've read that they carry away things that need to die, and so they are good and wise. But I'm always afraid that I'm not ready for whatever it is that needs to die.

> Weeping trees
My son said this about a week ago and it stuck with me. We were driving somewhere and I commented on a beautiful weeping tree. He said, "I like weeping trees. They're so friendly. Regular trees are so...well...stuck up. Weeping trees just want to reach down and hold your hand." I think a weeping tree would work perfectly in this story.

> Marionettes
On the one hand, marionettes are incredibly creepy. On the other hand, they are beautiful and magical. I am wondering if I can create the artwork for this animation using stop-motion and cut paper, but design the characters with moving parts like marionette puppets.

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Hello fellow classmates! I'm a bit behind schedule here. But here's the start of things!


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Amanda Palmer's eyebrows

Tracking every penny of spending

Noticing every minute feeling and sensation and twitch in my body

What I'm going to eat next

Keeping things in order

British accents



Getting enough sleep

Drawing lines

Planning escapes that I can't afford

Googling things at innapropriate times

Making lists

The smell of mint, lavender and eucalyptus

Dragonfly wings


Kerning type

Watching the pot (the watch pot never boils)


When the moth appeared on the wall after my dog died

Smelling smoke

Worries that I will die

Skaket beach

Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation


Death in threes

Weeping trees

Things at the side of the road (dead animals and shoes)

Sick and abused animals being rescued, or not

Breathing under water

Being invisible

Invisibilty as a superpower

My house

Haunting my house in my dreams

Nuns walking in a line in freshly fallen snow

Where everyone is going on the highway, and at rest stops (This American Life)

The neighbor's cat leaving footprints in the snow

The neighbor's cat leaving a dead bird on my doorstep


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