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Stephenson Spencer Junior Inventor Book 1: The Science Fair Disaster

I have always wanted to be a writer.  For some reason I went into engineering.  Worse yet, I was very good at it.  Not only did it make me lazy and reluctant to consider changing my course, but it made writing a hobby.  I wasted years making good money and living out what I thought was the American dream.  Last year I relized that my fourth decade was on the horizon and my life looked nothing like I had dreamed it would back when I was scribbling notes in a spiral bound flip pad during a vacation to Orlando when I was seven.  After talking to my wife, I quit.

My plan was to write a book I had been thinking about that would help families apply the Japanese philosophy of kaizen to their home life.  We had already put this into practice and wanted to share our discoveries with the world.  Four months later that was not the book I had written.

While taking a break from reoganizing all of my notes I sat down and wrote a chapter book targeted at middle grade kids.  My kids and my wife loved the story.  Several edits later it is ready for publication.  Not only that I have the sevond volume written and have mapped out three others for the series.  

Stephenson Spencer is a boy who loves to tinker with things.   Ideas, computers, genetic sequences, and robots are all fair game.  Now he has found himself in a pickle.  His science fair project is due, and procrastination has brought him to the brink of a failing grade.  Things get even worse when what should be a simple project starts spiralling out of control. Stephenson suddenly finds himself in a race against time to salvage his project and avoid disaster.


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