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Stephen Hawking Quote

    Personally Not having a favourite quote I asked my friend what his was figuring if my first block print went well I could give it to him as a gift. The quote he gave me was "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" by Stephen Hawking.  I started brainstorming different words from the quote such as "intelligence" and "Adapt" then moved to some very rough thumbnailing.




After getting inspiration and a better idea of what I wanted to do I started my final concept, going through lots of tracing paper. The initial concept had the word change in a script typeface however when it came to carving the block and printing, it didn't go well. 





After going through several blocks of the softoleum I realized I had to change it.


I went through many different blocks of linoleum and probaly spent a little to much money on this project as  I was having a lot of difficulty transfering the sketch on to the block as the softoleum was to soft.However I  really wanted to complete this project  so I persevered. Luckily I found this dark grey block at a local art store which had the perfect hardness as it was hard enough to transfer with graphite and soft enough I didn't have to put alot of pressure into it.





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