Step up slim down.

After college I took a desk job and slowly stopped exercising as often as I used to. Now 6 months and 40lbs heavier I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. So for 2013 I’m going to start making gradual changes to stop and reverse this trend I’m in. Starting 01/14/13 I’m going to start off by eating a salad or fruit before or as my lunch and focus on the calories that I’m taking in during the day. I have given up drinking alcohol starting 01/01/13 and will stay sober for the month of January.  I’ve signed up for a gym membership and will commit to going to the gym at least twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday for the next month. If I’m unable to make it that day I will make it up the next day. At the gym I will walk run two miles and or swim for 30 min. I'm unsure where I can push my body to at the moment.  On Saturday I will get up before my girlfriend and take my dog for a walk before noon. In college I was a member of the triathlon team and swim team and I loved my body. Now I want to get it back I’m going to focus my workouts toward getting fit enough to start running 5 km runs again. Every month I will reevaluate my goals and fitness strategy eventually adding a consistent lifting program.


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