Step one - images and keywords

Step one - images and keywords - student project

Thank you Shannon for another great class and for sharing with us your tips to finding licensing companies.

I started out by taking a screenshot of my top 10 favourite pieces and trying to find my style by thinking of the keywords. It is so hard to be objective with your own work, isn't it?! 

To me it looks bright, there are animals, fruits, and plants/flowers... mostly halfdrop (but also some tossed) and it's vector with and without textures...

As for the keywords I came up with: colorful, happy and cute! 

Would love to hear your opinion, and if there are any other words you think could describe my style better...

Now off to the even harder part, finding companies and contacts...

Step one - images and keywords - image 1 - student project

Step one - images and keywords - image 2 - student project


Tati Abaurre

Pattern designer & Illustrator