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Olumide Y.

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Step Up

The Story

(Name) - Olumide Y.

(Background) - The product of Nigerian Immigrant Parents, Influenced by pop culture, sub cultures, music, and the world.

(Influences) - Marcus Troy, Eddie Huang, Street Etiquette, Jeff Staple, Great Scott McKenzie, Nas, Dipset, OutKast, Fela, King Sunny Ade, etc. These are great storytellers in my opinion.

(Business) - The African King - Created from my influences growing up as a Nigerian-American.

Commandment Inspiration


From Lil' Wayne - Tha Mobb - Tha Carter II

Commandment Guts

  • Always strive to be better than you were

  • You are your only competition

  • Pay attention and study who’s at the top

  • You define what success looks like

  • Never be complacent

  • Leave a mark on your journey

  • Help others grow with you

  1. How do you become better at anything? Practice right? Studying your craft and improving your skills, being consistent with the work you do. I don’t believe anyone wakes up and says “I want to be mediocre today”. If you don’t have a desire to be better you can’t progress.

  2. The battle with self is the greatest story never to be told. You are really just trying to fight the little voice inside trying to stop you from being great. Yes we fear the unknown, but I’ve learned that finding comfort in the uncomfortable is usually the best place for growth. No one is stopping you but you

  3. Do you know what the leaders in your industry are doing? Understanding what the top individuals have done to succeed can help you succeed. There is a road map or blueprint out there. Tailor it to fit what works for you and your resources. There are great lessons to be learned from those at the top. Pay attention and you won’t make the same mistakes.

  4. Take things one step at a time. We live in an instant gratification society. People want to start something and be the best in a week. Real growth doesn’t happen that way. Are you in it for the long haul? Sometimes the biggest win is just taking that first step into the unknown.

  5. Could you have done better? You should always be content with yourself if you did your best. the real question is are you challenging yourself? sometimes you master something and don't push yourself to do more. prime example; Blockbuster was complacent to a degree with Brick and mortar video rental. Netflix enters the market and literally put Blockbuster out of business. Netflix even wanted to partner with Blockbuster. Not knowing when to step out of your comfort zone into something new can leave you in a stagnant place of being comfortable and not going to the next level that you are capable of getting to.

  6. What will be your legacy? Prime example; T Shirts, everyone and their grandma has a t shirt brand. There are brands that are only hot for a year or two and then there are brands that have left their mark and continue to leave their mark on the industry. You have to define what sets you apart from the rest and stick to that core.

  7. Its lonely at the top right? No point in getting to the top and not cultivating others to get there with you. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Why not create an environment that fosters great work and allows you to better understand what's relevant from a younger generation.  Within this make sure whoever you let sit at your table is bringing something that has some substance.

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