Stellar - student project

Hi everyone!

For my lettering I picked the phrase "You are Stellar" of one of my favorite songs, is very short but I'm trying to sketch short phrases at the beginning and add more difficulty as I learn more.
These are my first two sketches, but I'm not nearly done with this lettering, I'll be tweaking it some more...
Stellar - image 1 - student project
Stellar - image 2 - student project
My first draft was a good idea at the time, but as I made progress with it I decided I wanted to change it, now Im working on a new one. Check:
Stellar - image 3 - student project
still tweaking... to be continue...
Stellar - image 4 - student project
After a great amount of tweaking, doubt and refining, finally I've finished my lettering! Very happy with it, and thanks to this class I can improve my lettering with my new skills! 
Thank You so much Neil!
maia :)
Stellar - image 5 - student project
Vector in illustrator 
Stellar - image 6 - student project
Stellar - image 7 - student project
Illustration detail in photoshop.
Stellar - image 8 - student project
Finished Lettering!
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Maia Then

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