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Ian Mork

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Stella the dog


I picked my dog Stella as the subject. Here's the preliminary sketch. I drew it in Photoshop using a Kyle T Webster "Tilterrific" brush. It was my first time using one of his brushes and it really lived up to the hype. I felt like I was back in college figure drawing, sketching on a big pad of newsprint.


I did a 2nd sketch over the 1st one to get a more stylized geometric look. It took several tries to get less complex, simplified shapes. I placed this sketch into Illustrator.


Here's what it looked like after spending a day on it in Illustrator. I've used Flash for most of my vector art (I'm an animator too) the past 16 years, so it's hard to adjust to less familiar software but by the 2nd half of the day I started getting a hang of it. Setting up diamond shape guides helped me simply the image even more. 


Here it is after another day of working on it, with more details and gradients. I also reduced the amount of swatches I was using (from 6 to 4) to give it a more unified feel.


Here's the final design. I got lots of good practice building shapes in Illustrator with Pathfinder, and feel a lot more confident working in that program now. Maybe I'll start a side business drawing people's pets ;)


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