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Steky Spy Camera

The Steky is a series of 16mm cameras introduced in Japan after WW2. 16 mm was popular because film developing was really expensive.

I love the vintage look and feel of the camera, it's well worth making an illustration out of it.

Steky Spy Cam

Update 20-12

Wow, this is harder then I've expected. I tried to throw in some realistic textures like brushed metals and leather textures. But the textures distracted the abstract design to much.

So I've tried to throw in basic halftones and subtile textures. The result suits the abstract forms better. But, still I'm searching for more subtility. 

As you can see in these samples, the textures give more detail to it. There is a lot more to see when you look closer. This is what I like about it, the illustrations grows on you, the more you look at it.

Here are samples of the textures I've used.


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