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Stegman's Old Boys FC

I primarily became interested in uniform design after seeing some of the brilliant (and not so...) creations on sites like and So, as a hobby I started trying my hand at it, using Photoshop and making minor tweaks to some of the templates already out there.

I wanted to take this class so I could advance my hobby beyond simple template tweaking and actually incorporating a proper design process (team/club history, tweaks on tradition, etc.) into what I create. Most of the time I mess around with existing national team or club kits, but recently I've started creating some fantasy kits for the club I run and play for; photos below.

Club History

Stegman's Old Boys FC was founded in January 2010 by three guys; myself, and two others who had played on the Centreville (OH) Blitz back in the early 90s. That team was coached by a guy named Stegman, who wasn't that great of a coach but had a talented generation of players (the two other founders both moved on to European Youth Systems in their late teens). Though he wasn't a legendary coach, we named the club after him because it worked on three levels; 1) the two other founders are now 'old boys' of Stegman, 2) he rocked a skeezy mustache, and 3) it made us The SOBs.

In 2010 there was just a single team of like-minded SOBs, but as our name got around the Twin Cities soccer circles we attracted more and more guys. Today we have three teams and 75 players/members with a waiting list for more. We haven't won any silverware yet except our own tournament the first year we held it. Though, our amateur side did gain promotion to Division 3 after finishing 3rd last season.

Quick Description

Our acronym is only a subtle nod to the fact that we are hubris personified, because if you're going to create a men's league club, you do it right and you big-time it (mostly tongue-in-cheek, of course). And we're doing it right. We wanted to bring a true club environment to the Twin Cities amateur/rec soccer scene and grow it as big as we can...we're not quite ready to accept MLS's calls yet, but someday.

We are the soccer club of the engaged, the creative, and the influential. We think and act beyond game day - practices and training sessions, tournaments, and social events including an Annual General Meeting, Christmas Ugly Sweater party, Free Beer Night, etc. 

Our members feel like they own the direction of the club because they actually do - shares are $5.25 apiece. And, lastly, we frickin' love beer, especially the craft variety.


Initially we started off with one of our players' dentistry as our shirt sponsor, but as we grew in size and pompousness we decided that we needed something cooler. So a new player stepped up and pitched in on behalf of Northern Brewer Homebrewing Supplies which was a solid shirt sponsor for a club of our ilk, but the logo was a bit weak.

Finally, in our third season, we found our perfect match; Surly Brewing Co. is one of the coolest craft breweries in the Twin Cities, nay the midwest, and we're the handsomest, most self-aggrandizing club probably anywhere. Their name, their beer, and their logo were all a perfect fit for our club and they now adorn our 1st team's shirts, and as we increase our relationship with them and find the funds we'll transition our older kits out and get new ones for the 2nd and 3rd teams.


We do have a few fans that aren't wives and girlfriends; Jay Demerit is our celebrity fan, and we have one superfan in 'Bulletproof' Peichel who shows up to more games and events than one would think reasonable for a non-professional club, which is completely awesome and the SOB way of doing things.


Our home kits are modeled after Brighton Hove & Albion, for whom one of our founders played (youth system), which we wear with plain black shorts and plain black socks to conserve as much of our kit budget as possible. Our first season we weren't able to get the shirts we wanted so we settled on a cheap and dull solid Royal blue effort from Nike. In the second season we finally got our stripes.

The away colors have changed from an obnoxious yellow with royal blue sleeves (intended but shipping mix ups prevented us from ever receiving these kits so we never played in them), to black with thin horizontal gold stripes, to what you see below in the red and black vertical stripes.

For our fifth season (2014) we've started discussions about purchasing some new away kits for the teams in the club and want to contiue with the red & black color palette but infuse some individuality for the teams. Nike's teamwear UK line offers us some nice options (hoops, half & half color blocking), however, this class came along so I'm going to be exploring what red & black stripes could look like if we were big-time enough to work with a big apparel company like Nike to create our looks.


The crest that adorns our kits is a simple shield split down the middle, and outlined in a darker blue. the letter's SOB appear amidst 6 gold-stars. The stars were chosen because the letters on the shiled looked way too plain, and they now represent the three founders and their three wives who allow us to revel in such a hobby.

We also have a circular crest that we use on our scarves and official communications. I like the simplicty of both, but there is room for some tweaking.


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