Stefania's project

Stefania's project - student project

Hi Mariya! Thank you thank you, thank you for this class!!!

I immediately used it to take a nice picture for my handmade card.

Without this class I would have never thought of styling my photo like this, it would have been a lot more boring!

To take this picture I checked the background, the colors on my card (which was my object) and then matched with the napkin, I liked to put the chopping board to add some natural texture and color and to have less black, and before shooting I tried different combinations with the elements in order to balance their visual weight.

Stefania's project - image 1 - student project

Again, thank you, Mariya!





My boyfriend brought me a rose today! <3

I liked it so much that I decided to take some pictures to remember this sweet day.

I am happy because I tried many different positions and compositions, while I usually wouldn't, so I was more thoughtful in what I was doing thank you to the instructions and examples given in this class.

Here is the best shot I took today:

Stefania's project - image 2 - student project