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Steel Bridge PDX

For my final project I choose this image of the Steel Bridge from my latest trip into Portland. To me the bridge represented a time passed--it had a very functional yet rustic look. The feel of the bridges architecture played into a long history contained within the bridge itself.

I choose to bring some of the darkness back to the image. I also desaturated the image to continue with the "old timey" feel which I believed the bridge possessed. Something about the bridge felt very "Gotham-esque" to me so I wanted there to be a very dynamic contrast between the light and dark portions of the image. The final image plays with vanishing points and symmetry which are two of my favorite photographic elements.

For these effects I brought down the exposure on the real image. I also boosted the contrast to about +20 and the clarity to about +5 (I like to be modest with the clarity slider.) I reduced the highlights and whites in the image to further enhance some of the detail that was lost from the overal brightness of the day.

I warmed the image slightly to get a warmer tone to the image. I also created a custom brush to bring back some of the highlight details underneath the bridge that was lost from lowering the exposure. I also added a bit of vignetting to bring the viewers eye to the center of the image and showcase the vanishing point. I added some sharpness to the image which I do with all my images. I also added some grain for texture and adjusted the tonal ranges to bring out the reds in the background of the image. Lastly I adjusted the tonal curve of the image and crushed the black portions of the image for further texture.

Hope you enjoyed my process!


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