Stechpalme - Holly & Berries

Stechpalme - Holly & Berries - student project

Another great class for the christmas season with Chris. 
I found it a bit difficult to start with the berries and do the branch at the end.
Felt backwards to me. So I did a pencil sketch at first to get a better feeling for the placement of leaves and berries.

Stechpalme - Holly & Berries - image 1 - student projectStechpalme - Holly & Berries - image 2 - student project

After that I proceedin the same order as Chris.
First the top berries. And then the first leaves while letting the berries dry.

Then alternating between berries and leaves.

Stechpalme - Holly & Berries - image 3 - student projectStechpalme - Holly & Berries - image 4 - student project

At the end I painted the branch and the shadow parts. Below is the result after the lessons in this class.

Stechpalme - Holly & Berries - image 5 - student project

After this "last" step I added a rim of yellow guache at the side of the leaves and some blue shadings with colored pencils. As my sketchpaper is rather rough I will proberly redo the Holly on quality paper. Thanks for this class Chris. I am looking forward to the next :)


Stechpalme - Holly & Berries - image 6 - student project


Jana Wauer
Always learning. Artist from Germany