Steampunk Scarecrow | Skillshare Projects

Brad Yoo

Illustration / Graphic Design / 3D Modeling



Steampunk Scarecrow

  Im helping a friend out with some ComicCon costume ideas so I started off with a recognizable character that I wanted to give a new look for my theme, the Scarecrow. The criteria is that he needs to be skinny if not gangley and needs to fit within the Steampunk realm.

  I have a few gems that I like and a robot just kind of emerged that's awesome but doesn't fit the criteria . First sketches came out a bit stiff and seem to focus more on body shapes rather than letting the creativity come through. I like to know more of what I want to draw ahead of putting digi pen on paper so I'm having a little bit of a struggle and getting hung up of particulars.

  I think it best to explore with a few more brushes and sketches before narrowing. Feedback is welcome!


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