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Steampunk Lady

Superfun first task! :D 

This is my fumbeling around with a steampunk lady siluette. She`s a lady of leisure, but can kick some ass when needed:) A bit of variation here... i don`t quite know whitch ones to pick. The last two are a bit interesting, but please give me any feedback you might have! 

Augusta Thumbs

Such a great Skillshare, i`m enjoying myself a lot^^


Aaaaand now i`m stuck. I can`t decide! 

Agusta refine

The mystique of the middle one is really fun, but i like the details of the other two.. Any tips in choosing? 


Decided on the hat-lady^^ 


Did some work on one of the other choices, as well. I couldn`t leave it alone^^


Is it allowed to start over? I must admit the finishing step scares me a bit, and i really liked working on the experimental stage, so i went back to thumbs:) Just some magical apprentices and some masters. The setting is a quirky magical university:)


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