Steam Key Studios

Steam Key Studios - student project

                                                                Founder Message

Steam Key Studios was founded in 2016, And we established Steam Key Studios with one goal: To put high-quality steampunk style games and films on the international games and film industry by diving head-first into creating highly unique games and films that surprise and inspire the world. It hasn’t been easy, but the efforts of our hardworking staff have paid off.

We're creating several high-quality titles and will make Steam Key Studios a household name all over the world. The video games industry and film industry has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years, With advances in technology, giving us all exciting new experiences.

Looking towards the future, we see the promise of virtual reality becoming more than just virtual reality but an alternate reality. The near future will bring tremendous changes to our ideas of what video games and films can be. We’re rapidly moving towards a borderless era for games and films.

So where is our place at? Here at Steam Key Studios, we see the future as a fertile ground where all the know-how we’ve gained and will gain through the years of game and film development experience can truly bloom. In other words, It’s a great chance for us to share our games and films with both current and future audiences than ever before.

As we move forward, To push our horizons further and further. This is the path we must take to meet our goal of satisfying audiences like no other studios in an ever-changing media industry. We will make digital entertainment that surpasses expectations, We’re hoping to bring steampunk styles into the lives of the world, And we hope to expand the imagination of players and audiences. 

Steam Key hopes to maintain its luster forever – and I want to share our Dreams with the world.


David H. Lee

Our Mission

Our Mission at Steam Key Studios is to create digital media that inspires imagination in everyone world over.  

Our Vision

       Our Vision is to bring the art and style of steampunk to the world in higher quality than ever seen before. 

  Our Values


Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. Model principled behavior and sound business ethics. Earn the trust of others through consistency of actions with stated values and commitments. Take responsibility for one's own actions. Have a strong personal sense of what is right and wrong. Avoid the wrong and stand up for what is right.


We take pride in providing high-valued games and films that we stand behind, which ensures the world audiences satisfaction, inspiration and the future of our employees and our growth.


Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us the best at the steampunk style. Seek opportunities to improve our games and films. Generate ideas that go beyond the status quo. Recognize the need for new or modified approaches and champion
them. Act as a catalyst for change.


To excel through high-quality and technology, to delight our audience, to enjoy our work.




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