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Steal It

I chose to riff on the Bukowski quote "find what you love and let it kill you," because, come on, we should be having more fun than that, Chuck.

Find what you love and STEAL IT, to me, sums up the process of creation. We're all stealing, copying, getting inspired by and iterating on other peoples' ideas and through that process new ideas are born. So, it's totally fine to start with stealing...find something you love and steal it...see what happens.

I couldn't sketch in pencil. For me, the magic is in the pen, so I couldn't concieve of a design in pencil first. I just went for it a bunch of times with the pen. I hope to develop some kind of pencil sketching and tracing workflow because this is exhausting and takes up a lot of paper. I did around 20 of these. Here's a small sample from near the end of that set:


So, that's where I'm at now. I'm pretty happy with the "Steal it" part. I have to dial in the "find what you love and."



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