Randy Meredith

Instructional Designer & Lettering Fan



Steady progress in learning to use Illustrator

When I took my first course with Helen, I had never used Illustrator to create anything. I had a fair amount of experience with Photoshop over the years, but vector drawing was something of a mystery to me. After 4 of Helen's courses on Illustrator topics, I feel right at home in the Illustrator environment.

My biggest take-aways from this course:

  • Remembering to use the Appearance panel for fills/strokes/gradients
  • The Text Move tool - what a nice surprise!
  • The practical use of the Glyphs panel (saved me time by not having to open Fontbook)
  • Envelope distort - just so long as I remember the two objects must be on separate layers.

Thanks, Helen.

My project is a very simple application of the several tips: Text move/rotate, gradient filled text, and text on a path. 




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