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Stay Hungry - Stay Foolish

Even those this quote is wildly popular, it still is very personal to me.  When I reflect on what I've been able to do in my life, it's the moments I chose to follow my gut and chase a dream that I am most proud of. Others would call it crazy or foolish, but you always have to listen to your inner voice. That's why this quote will always hold a special meaning.

I created a mouth because when I was brainstorming similar words I put "hungry". At first I thought it would be cartoony and too corny. Then as I played around with the idea I emphasized more on the lips and teeth. I liked this because the mouth is often a subject in art that is "sexy"... _When I think about Steve Jobs I think he is not only brilliant, but extra idolized because he maintained an air of mystery while operating one of the most iconic global companies. So somehow I believe sexy and mystery go together. I am hoping this makes sense in words because it seems to be coming out really weird. Writing isn't my strong suite - my apologies.

Anyway, I incorporated the braces to add some extra pizzaz. I tried to stick to 3 main typefaces, although they all vary a little. I think the inking I executed "okay". I am not confident in my dropshadow and some of the lines don't connect or curve as smoothly as I want. Overall, I'm pretty happy and think putting it in the computer will be like icing on the cake.


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