Stay Fresh - Be Different

Stay Fresh - Be Different - student project


Hey everyone, just finished my Kickstarter project and launched it. I am trying to get the first 4 designs (posted below) into production, and if possible I would like to add the design I made here on Skillshare for a stretch goal. I would love to have your support. Thanks.

4. Finalizing Design For Printers

Hey everyone, sorry haven't been on. Been very busy trying to finish the Kickstarter launch. But here's my final design ready for print. Thanks for all the great feedbacks, it really help me a lot when finishing the designs. It's been fun working with everyone and see some talented people out there. Good Luck everyone.

Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 1 - student project

Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 2 - student project

Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 3 - student project

3. Initial Design and Illustration

Here is my progress so far. From the sketch I simplified everything and minimalized the colors so it works well with the design. Just need some help on the different faces, knives, suction cups, texture on the cutting board and the fish in the tenticle. Feedbacks please. Thanks

1.Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 4 - student project

2.Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 5 - student project

3.Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 6 - student project

4.Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 7 - student project

5.Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 8 - student project

6.Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 9 - student project

2. Sketching

These are the sketches I came up with. The idea is an octopus creature using his many arms to make sushi rolls. I am trying to keep it with nice cartoon style and not go too much to the cute style. 

Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 10 - student project

Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 11 - student project

1. What's Your Brand?

Hey Everybody.

My name is Kumi and I am an illustrator/graphic designer from Denver, Colorado. I’ve been working as freelance concept artist for a couple years now; and since many game companies has been closing their doors I decided to go in another direction with my art and designs.


While attending Ringling College, Johnny (Cupcakes) Earle gave a very inspirational lecture about branding and how he starting his business. His lecture really inspired me to start my own brand called Zushi Monsters. I started Zushi Monsters as a way to share my love and passion for art and sushi; with the objective to embrace individuality and build self confidence. I am currently working on a Kickstarter project to start production on the first 4 designs. I am hoping to launch the project by the end of this month so keep an eye out for it on the website (under construction).


I am looking forward to learn about designing for t-shirts and posters as well as working typography into my designs. Hopefully it will help me grow as a designer and help my brand evolve and grow.

Thanks Eneryone, and can't wait to see what you guys come up with.


Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 12 - student project

Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 13 - student project

Stay Fresh - Be Different - image 14 - student project