Stay Competitive



  1. Improve endurance 
  2. Strengthen upper body 
  3. Increase fast twitch leg muscles and footwork

One positive fitness habit change:

  • Run at least once a week

Current fitness plan:

  • Attend 2-hour All-Star Roller Derby practices twice a week (includes plyometic workouts)
  • Add an additional 2-hour league roller derby practice per week
  • Do 24-30 push ups three times a week 
  • Plank for 2 minutes twice a day (3 days a week)
  • 30 minutes of core workouts twice a week

Would like to add:

  • Drinking more water while at my work desk
  • Taking vitamins consistantly during the week 
  • Upper body weight training once a week
  • Practice a "Sprint for 1 minute; Jog for 2 minute" once a week 
  • Getting enough sleep each night (minimum of 7 hours)