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I recently traveled to Baltimore, MD for a good friend's wedding, and upon having some free time to explore the city, I saw the statues. Dozens of them, all strewn about the historic Mt. Vernon district near the first ever monument built for George Washington. The history in the East Coast is apparent, one can't escape it. It washes over the people who are used to it and continues to marvel those who are not. These statues made the best models, the best subjects, the best poses..I share a couple of them with you.

I mainly edited these in camera raw by adjusting exposure and contrast. I also adjusted clarity and brought the saturation all the way down. In photoshop I played around with Oil Paint filters to bring out a surreal look.

Edited 12/4/13

Edited 12/5/2013

How does the picture look without that man in the left corner? He was difficult to remove because of the water, but I managed to get it to look like this with the use of the cloning stamp.


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