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Emma Fraguas

Freelance Designer



Stationery range for existing design company ...

Hello. I’m Emma and I just love patterns. I see them everywhere … often in the most unusual of places.

Having worked for many years in the corporate world of graphic design, I am now using my years of experience, combined with my love of surface design to create a new stationery range, inspired by the patterns we see in everyday life.

The images are below are the style I am trying to capture in my work ... a little handmade looking, yet still commerical enough to be able to have my range in a variety of stores.


I've been playing around with my logo and some possible label ideas for the new range. These are very initial concepts .... just rough sketches and having a 'play' .... but providing me with some food for thought.

Loving getting back into the basics of using pen and paper to create a design!



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