Stationary timelapse + after effects

Stationary timelapse + after effects - student project

Hi! This was my first timelapse and it was awesome! I've experienced my city in a new level, even if there is  lot to work on to get better I going to keep going cause this is real magic.

Ok, about my shoots... I wasn't sure what focus on, if the buildings or the movement, so I went for the buildings but at the end I thought it would be better to get focus the cars, or increase the exposure to make it look really fast like you did, so I have a question about that, how did you did it? because the timer device have an exposure option, it affect directly the exposure of the camera? like the seconds the light came through the lense?  or did you increase the exposure of the camera? I've done that last one but I had to be very careful because can be very bright because of the light coming through the seconds.

All feedback are welcome! don't be so hard, it was my first :(

Sorry for my poor english