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Liastone Seven

Thinking and making art everyday



Stationary on my desk

+++++++++ 11th August 2015 +++++++++

After watching the lessons, I decided to give it a go and try to have some fun.

Because I don't have much space to work on my desk, I just picked up things around and started to draw the stationaries one by one.

Below is my working process.

1- I used Kuretake Fudegokochi black pen for the project.


2- Started to draw the bottle of perfume, just line drawing and a little bit of cross-hatching to give it some 3D look.


3- Keep drawing things around my desk and because I am not good at perspective, some of the drawings are not proportional like this binder.


4- I tried to draw things that have different shapes and strange angles. Just a way to practise my drawing skills too.


5- Continuing finding and drawing things around and even keys from my drawer are items to be drawn.


6- I shouldn't put too much shades (croos-hatching) on the drawings, should have keep it simple and clean. But because that's my habbit of adding shades (USB drive and tape dispense), I need to remind myself LESS IS MORE.


7- This is the complete drawing before jumping to another step that is cutting, sticking and filling the middle gap.


Time spent was about 2hrs.

I will keep posting my updates about this project asap.

+++++++++ 12th August 2015 +++++++++

Day two is craft work starting with cutting, glueing, scanning and digitising.

1- Took the drawing to chopping board to cut it into 2 vertically.


2- Glueing the two stripes to opposite side. (Left goes to right, and right goes to left)


3- Cutting the drawing acrros.


4- Glueing together


5- Filling up the empty area at the center of the page because this area suppose to be the edge from the original drawing.


6- Final drawing done.

Time spent was about 10mins.

+++++++++ 13th August 2015 +++++++++

1- Image (700px x 500px) after scanned (raw, pure and untouched in photoshop yet).


2- Use dark color to fill the gaps of the drawing with pen tool and fills white to make sure every single shape is closed.


3- After filling the gaps at each of the items, paint the background with PAINT BUCKET tool just to differentiate the background and foreground.


4- Paint all the items in white so its easier to work the next stage at Adobe Illustrator.


Time spent was about 1hr.

+++++++++ Adobe Illustrator CS6 +++++++++

1- Open the above image at Illustrator.


2- Follow the steps to vectorize the whole illustration / image. Click and select the image => Object => Image Trace => Make and Expand


3- Image looks like this after vectorize.


4- Unclick the mouse pointer anywhere to turn the image back to normal.


5- Use the white pointer (arrow) and start doing the colouring process with any color combination.


6- I always wanted to try to do something in 2 colours (duotone), this project gave me a good opportunity to play around. And this is my final pattern design.


7- My wallpaper would look like this.


Time spent was about 30mins.

PS- If anyone want to learn more about digitizing your work in a computer, I recommend lessons taught by Jon Burgerman.

Thank you for looking around my assignment, I had quite a bit of fun doing this and I learn a lot too.

Americo Neves


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