Evan Schlomann

graphic designer



States with the most hurricanes between 1851–2010

These are the first sketches I put together for my infograph. It's pretty rough so far.

I've excluded the states not in the top 8, which just leaves the southern part of the map. I raised the states off the map according to how many hurricanes have occured in the time listed. the size of the number of hurricanes also shows the amount. 

I think that I need to add another level of information. or maybe two. I feel that it is a bit dry right now.


I updated my sketch a bit. I was having a hard time figuring out how to display some of the info better.  I didn't feel that the map was actually helping that much, so I tried doing a graph without the map. I'll probably add the illustrated states as well, but this new sketch shows the information much clearer I think.


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