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Staten Island Gown Gemach

Hi! I am doing a favor to a local organization that lends out bridal party gowns by designing their website. 

In a nutshell, this "gemach," which is a Hebrew acronym that coloquially means a place that lends things out for free, is in a friend's basement that is overstuffed with gowns. Many Jewish brides and bridesmaids have a hard time finding modest dresses to wear to their weddings, so this gemach recycles used dresses and lends them out to brides and their bridal parties for free. Usually, it is customary to give a small donation for the upkeep of the "gemach" and to show your appreciation.

My website will, hopefully, showcase all the gowns according to their sizes and colors to make it easier to sort through the hundreds of gowns in the gemach. There will also be a page with the dry cleaning policies and an option to donate to the gemach

All opinions and feedback are welcome!

**I am having trouble with my audio file-- for some reason it does not play on my index page. Does anyone know what a possible reason might be?


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