Ryan Konicek





A basic web application for visitors to post their startup story of the day. 


Website visitors are allowed to post a message (limited character length) about their startup experience or thoughts of the day. 

After the message is posted, other visitors can rank their favorite story/experience.

Update 3/20:

I currently have this up as a private tech community in which you must be working on a startup in order to be a member. I don't know if I like the private tech community or the open one more. I am open to anyones ideas.

Update 3/25

I've installed Devise and have it running. I've been running into bug after bug with installs unfortunately. 

Github: https://github.com/WikiRyan/omrails

Heroku location: http://fast-tor-2078.herokuapp.com/

(thanks to helpstart.co for helping me with some of the code)

I'm a little behind due to a devise bug that I had to fix. 

Please leave some feedback for me!


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