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Startup-life Resources for Wantapreneurs

I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Given my recent graduation and my travel back home to México, I have found that there will never be a better time to do this. I am exactly where I need to be, close to the segments that need it the most, and with a backpack full of experiential learning thanks to the wonderfull startup community in Boston.

My blog will be aimed at a very specific segment: aspiring young wantapreneurs in México.

And has a very clear missionto accelerate the mental framework for startup life & culture.

With some cool objectives/milestones:

  1. Reach my target audience (former said wantapreneurs)
  2. Create quality content (fun, attractive, effective, eficient and completely ad hoc)
  3. Make my content bilingual (gotta have some challenges, imma right?)
  4. Apply inbound marketing concepts  (banana for scale)
  5. Create audience for a startup resource platform (the cake)

My hope is that I can help overcome the initial barriers of breaking on to the other side (aka the startup life) by injecting my audience with basic, useful and potent content that will empower them to start their own startup adventure.

And if all fails, at least I'll learn how not to create a blog.


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