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Startup IP Manager

I work with IP, and want a simple way to track it all. Most of the tools I've found are better for law firms than the startups or small businesses that make the IP, and the ones that are best cost too much. Most people still make do with spreadsheets that they cobble together and rarely update. This is going to be a better way: slim and cheap for the startup/small business. 

My user stories are:

1. A manager trying to plan out when big patent expenses will hit.

3. A CEO that needs a bird's eye summary of all the IP related and its status

4. An IP manager needs to hold all the documents for a single application together.

5. An inventor or manager needs to know what provisionals or PCTs will expire in the next 90 days. 

6. A CEO needs to know what they were thinking about last time they did something with the IP, or why a particular decision was made


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