Jackie Roeder

Owner, Balance Your Books, LLC



Startup Bookkeeping for your Small Business

The importance of having accurate Bookkeeping and Accounting records for your small business are so often overlooked. The added value of knowing where you are on a Profit & Loss statement monthly are numerous. And knowing what you need should you ever get audited by the IRS, is even more important!

However, many small business owners don’t use Bookkeeping Tools effectively - or sometimes at all! The number of choices - QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Fresh Books, Xero, Excel...a Shoebox filled with receipts :-)..., etc - make it hard to know what software to use and how to use it to gain the right information needed to effectively run your company and make good Financial and Management descisions.

I have over 25 years of experience in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Corporate Operations and am the owner of Balance Your Books, LLC. I will share with you the quick and easy methods I use with clients to create effective Financial Statements on reliable and cost effective Bookkeeping software.

In this class I will show you:


Class Structure

The format of this session will be in person at the Downtown user/lib at the Beat. This is an interactive class so please bring your questions!

Class Award

All attendees of the class will receive a free one hour in person consultation on the specific needs catered to their company.

Any attendee of this class, past, present or future, I will BUY their QuickBooks Software for them if the choose to utilize Balance Your Books for their Bookkeeping needs.

Course Outline


1.  Where do you begin?


2.  How do you start?


3.  What kind of Software do I need?


4.  Do I need a Bookkeeper?


5. When do I need a CPA?


6.  Q & A



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