Startup Basics: Creating a Job Description for Your Entrepreneurial Role

Startup Basics: Creating a Job Description for Your Entrepreneurial Role - student project

Class Description:

Writing a compelling job description for your own role as an entrepreneur may seem like a crazy shift to the left, but it’s actually a genius move that will get you rolling out great products and services as well as building your network, following, and income in no time.

Many entrepreneurs have business plans and see their value clearly, but they are for your business. If you are the business, what are you specifically doing? On the other hand, many people have many things to do and make lists of them, but how are those tasks contributing to building your business and your bottom line? The Entrepreneur Job Description puts them together in a clever and useful way.

I created this class to challenge you to take your role as an entrepreneur to the next level. I initially decided to make my own for a couple of reasons—the biggest two being feeling stuck in not knowing where to start and working on non-essential tasks that weren’t actually building my business just because I wanted to feel like I was doing SOMETHING. I realized that I needed a clear, concise view of my roles within my own business, not just a notepad full of to-do lists. I put my background in researching job descriptions for client resumes and creating job descriptions for various openings at many diverse companies to great use and turned my failure into success!

I now coach others in using this method to shift their focus to the right tasks that grow brands and bank accounts, and you're next. Take this journey with me to learn about the importance of creating a job description for your entrepreneurial role and create one of your own!

Class Project:

The class project will be to create a job description that covers responsibilities in the four major functions of all businesses:

  • administration and support,
  • business development and sales,
  • branding and marketing, and
  • service provision. 

It will include important things such as:

  • business background
  • job title(s)
  • job purpose(s)
  • roles and responsibilities
  • qualifications
  • benefits and perks

This is intended to be a fun (but valuable) project that you can immediately put to use. To begin, you will only need a pen and paper; but if you are more creative, please feel free to use markers, index cards, sticky notes, and whatever else you want. Let's get started!

Update @ 10.10.2016: Here's the link to my class outline. 

Update @ 10.16.2016: Here's the link to my first video.

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