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Starting with a clean slate

10/15 Day 1:

I'm really needing to get organized.  But more importantly, I need to STAY organized.  I've watched all the videos and really like the system presented.  

So far, I have chosen Wunderlist as my task-manager software.  Mainly becuase I would like to share certain projects/areas with my spouse.  Don't worry, he's on board :)  

I have always used Safari as my brower, along with Apple Mail as my email reader, but seeing all the extra functionality that comes with using Gmail in Chrome (sending emails to Wunderlist, etc.) has me wondering if I should start using my gmail within Chrome instead.  Any thoughts on that?

10/16 Day 2:

Totally loving this!  So far, I've processed all the emails in my inboxes (except for ones I had filed away in folders; those will take some time) and done a big brain dump of todos into Wunderlist.  The Somedays are neatly tucked away in their own section.  

I just started renaming my tasks and creating Projects/Areas and am running into some snafus.  I think it's software related.  Obviously, Wunderlist ISN'T Things, and it's making me rethink whether I should migrate to Things.  I already have the desktop version (I purchased it a couple years ago), so I would just need to purchase the app for my devices.  The main reason I chose Wunderlist to start with is that my hsband and I are going to be having weekly meetings with each other about various house/family tasks that need to get done (everything from getting birthday presents for family to getting a new front door to cleaning out the boys' toys before Christmas).  In Wunderlist you can assign tasks to individuals (he already uses Wunderlist), so I figured I should do everything in Wunderlist.  But now I'm rethinking that.  

Any thoughts on how I could potentially make it work if I'm using Things and he's using Wunderlist?

10/21 Day 6:

Wow, I'm SO loving this system!  I've been using it for about 3 days and it's great.  

I decided to go with Things instead of Wunderlist or ToDo.  It just makes sense to me.  After I rewrote all my tasks, I ended up with the following projects and areas:


Not many, but I lead an uncomplicated life :)  Although my Personal Misc. tends to hold a lot of tasks.  But I cant see a common thread in them, so they will stay there for now.

I had to think long and hard about my tags.  After taking a look at my tasks, I decided on the following:

My context tag was the hardest to come up with.  I have tasks that I can get done only at home or only at my desk, while being able to get some stuff done as long as I have WiFi on either my iPhone or iPad (like when I'm at my son's kung fu class, or swim lesson).  And obviosuly, if it's a phonecall I need my phone.  These tags, in conjunction with the Energy tags, have been so helpful.  I was able to knock out some Easy WiFi tasks while I was waiting for a friend at the airport, and when I was home this past weekend I checked both my Home tag, my Desk tag and my WiFI tag to see what appealed to me or what was most pressing. 

I haven't added any due dates to my tasks yet.  Mainly because I've always struggled with "fake" deadlines.  They tend to just come and go and then stress me out because there they are, flashing red at me for no real reason.  If something truly has a deadline, I'll add it in.  But these tend to be deadlines from external sources, not from me.  Being able to get things done based on my energy level has been so awesome.  I can decide what I'm going to do each day based solely on that and not feel guilty that I didn't get anything done that day because I was low-energy.  So no more fake deadlines for me.

As for Evernote, I have all my notebooks set up and have been plugging away at filing my notes.  I have a TON of email folders, and I want to get stuff out of there and into Evernote.  So that's an ongoing project for now.

I don't remember the last time I had an empty Inbox.  The thrill I feel each morning when I process everything and my inbox is empty is indescribable.  I feel like I'm so on top of everything!  Less stress is awesome.  

So that's it.  I'm going to keep on keeping on and get things done!!!

10/22 Day 7:

Here are the tasks that are currently in my Personal Misc. Area:

I don't really see a unifying theme/area.  What do you think, Tiago?


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