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Alyssa Demirjian

Director of Content & Partnerships at Skillshare



Starting with a Hologram

What's the best way for the band to be in both places at once? Starting my brainstorm list now, and I'll update as we go!

  • Perform in one place and livestream a hologram performance to the other place.
  • Perform in one place and, in the other place, give everyone an app for projecting a performance through their phones all at once.
  • Buy an exact replica of the band's gear so that both locations have their complete setup, and then just have the band travel back and forth via...flight? high-speed rail?
  • Tell one of the festivals you just can't swing it, but that any of their festival goers will get complimentary entry to a show in their preferred city on the band's next tour—they'll just need a unique reserve code. (For this one, I especially tried to reframe the problem from fans' perspective.)

More to come! What are some of your ideas? And how did reframing the problem help you arrive at different solutions?




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