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Hanna McCown

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Starting with Watercolor

I am learning everything I can about watercolor and ink.  I love your teaching and am following along.  Here are some things I've done so far.  I know I used too many colors but I love the way it looks.


I am using 'the fine Touch'  inexpensive set from craft store.


lots of pretty colors


all the pretty colors from only three Primary colors.  In the corner I mixed some tertiary with yellow ochre to see what they would look like.


For the background wash I chose the blends of two secondary colors, purple and green.  This gave me a grayish brown a soft green and a plum purple.  I had trouble with the brushes and decided that my new really cheap set are not worth the trouble of hair all over my page and l like the synthetic cheapies better.  I like the effect of the wash and the colors and I want to do this over and over until I get a great looking background.

I love this course.  I am feeling so much more confident.  I want to paint all day now.



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