Starting with Illustrator

Starting with Illustrator - student project

Day 3

I went through all instructions until 8.8.

I usually watch the instructions once without doing anything yet, then watch it again and try everything out while making notes.

I tried to apply some of the effects and things from the lessons I studied today. 

Finally, it tried the hand drawn effect on my flower, trying various settings but I could not quite find the right balance, so I just left in the best version for now. The flowers would either end up too "spiky" or so much lack of detail that it just turned out as a circle, haha.


Starting with Illustrator - image 1 - student project


Day 1 and 2

To practice, I made an outline of an old illustration I made over 10 years ago using the pen tool.


The original:

Starting with Illustrator - image 2 - student project

And the vectorised new version:


Starting with Illustrator - image 3 - student project