Starting to fix my profile

Starting to fix my profile - student project

Thank you for a great lesson! You are an amazing teacher and I will definitely watch your business course. I loved all your examples and dedication.

I've had Instagram for quite some time but didn't bother to post much or socialize, it was more of a personal journal. Thanks to you I started improving my profile:

- switched to business account,
- improved (I think ;) ) my bio and name to show exactly what I'm planning to post,

- stopped mixing posts about digital art, photos and urban sketches: now I plan to post 3/6/9 consecutive posts in the same style and orientation. I haven't realized how big a change it makes, even with few posts. I hope to have more organized grid pretty soon!
- started interacting with people from my niche (watercolor/urban sketching),
- I'm honestly too lazy to leave my 1,80$ every day but I try to follow this strategy of commenting nine top posts from tags relevant to me as much as I can,
- I plan to start posting videos of my work in progress, I still feel awkward about doing the stories but thanks to you I'll know how to do them when I decide to,
- did the research about hashtags and, oh man, that changes a lot! I used very popular ones, the moment I switched to much less popular and started adding location I can see the difference!
- searched for apps that will allow me to improve the photos of my art (the usual problem of white being grey/yellow when photo of paper is taken...)
- I will create nice scheme and names for my Story Highlights after creating more stories,

Starting to fix my profile - image 1 - student project

Thanks to you I've seen a great difference in engagement :) I don't have many followers but I had almost zero when I started your course so this is great! And they all seem to be from my niche, not some random accounts or friends who don't care about art which is important too.

Other thoughts:
- you mentioned that one of your friends has profile in russian and it destroys the increase of followers. I couldn't agree more. I love reading captions under the art I see on Instagram but having to click "Translate to English" every time frequently stops me from following someone,
- one thing that bothers me is that there is no way to have posts "locked" in one row or to move them so they always look good together and stay in one row. And it seems that the only way for me to fix my "old" grid is to remove posts and repost them :( 
- I like your weird humor :P 

Thank you very much and if you have any observations, please let me know!