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Starting out...MMA fighters

Another big gap and another effort.  I had a go at drawing Forrest on photoshop with some colour.  I took longer than 6 minutes but probably less than 20.  Some of it works.  I started to exaggerate some of the features but not enough and I also made him look too old.  I left the under sketch in as well.

Now I tried a few head sketches of Forrest Griffin after about a week of not being able to get near this project.
The first two are hopeless.  In fact the second one is even worse than the first one but the third one is a little better so I added a stronger line and some tones to that. 

I decided I would use MMA fighters for my project as I am a fan of the sport and they all have pretty unique faces.  Here I've taken 4 very different looking fighters (Genki Sudo, Gina Carano, Lyoto Machida and Chuck Liddell) and using the mapping tips like the 'T' shape and the head shape studies and tried to capture their basic likeness.  I also created my own idealised proportion model from a skull reference and used that to compare these 4 faces, hence the blue lines on the photos.Some of my favourite artists like MAD's Mort Drucker and J Scott Campbell of Gen13 and Danger Girl have great caricature skills and so it was something I wanted to try and here I am.


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