Starting out #1: Purpose


1. List 3-5 of your past successes:

Sold a painting for charity

Animation work made it onto TV

Worked professionally as a digital designer and developer


2. List 3-5 of your most fulfilling contributions:

Helping others to see some silver linings with a laugh or two

Empower local emergency housing trust by building and maintaining their website

Bringing a client's idea to life


3. List 1-2 goals for 1, 5 and 10 years from now:

Year 1

Have social media accounts and portfolio up and running

Have a steady income

Year 5

Have an established “name” or career

Open a studio

Year 10

Beach front studio, big enough for other creatives or employees to collaborate

Have a sustainable company


Purpose statement

I don't know who I am or what I want… yet. What I do know is I want to inspire people to hope, to dream, and to see the silver linings. I know I want to do this using creative means.


I'm sure all of this will become more clear the more I get into it. For now this is a start.