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Starting on Final Project

I wanted to try my hand at making an aquatic creature, so I experimented with elements from a bunch of different marine animals. So far, I'm really partial to the idea of using jellyfish stingers as a tail. I tried to combine all of my favorite ideas together in the one below the shark head, but I feel like it might be a bit over the top...

While trying to figure out how to fix the forelimb problem for my creature, I was struck by the idea to add elements from lionfish, given that they're colorful and poisonous like jellyfish. I thought it would be the best choice for my study. I definitely could have gone into more detail on this, but I at least feel a little more comfortable with the lionfish elements that I want to incorporate now.

Here are my refined concepts and color schemes. My final choices are the boxed ones. For the color scheme, I was struggling for the longest time trying to decide between the two on the right, but after a little advice from my roommate, I went with the red one. Next up, I'll be working on poses!

Here are my poses so far. I'm leaning towards something along the lines of the top-left one. Before I continue, though, RJ suggested I add more detail to the head, but I'm completely stumped as to what I should do. I'd appreciate any input!

After numerous trial-and-errors, I finally figured out how to solve my head problem. I decided to take a look at feathered animals, and then turn the feathers into poisonous spines. Next, I'll start on my final drawing! This shall be fun! 

Lineart and flat colors are done.


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