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Starting off

I've been wrestling with my moodboard offline quite a bit a while. Most of the pictures that I had collected were less subjective and based more on, well, to be honest, pretty colors and emotions. Lots of landscapes and starscapes. This has not been very helpful to me in attempting to design anything like a toy or character.

However, I was thinking very heavily about the images that do influence me, and hit another wall, as the vast majority of the things I had begun to gather (samurai, family pets, space marines and other sci-fi armor types) were pretty much all done already, coincidentally the vast majority by Huck Gee (who is definitely one of my favorite artists).

I'm not currently at home, but I think I've managed to put together a rough sketch of some ideas that I do like that came together. Very power rangers/cowboys/samurai type thing. My unpracticed and uneducated art style (I have to face that I'm self taught, and still had a poor teacher as well as a poor student) is evidenced, but I'm currently just trying to put my idea down onto the pad.


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