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Starting an Initiative - Idea + Project (Milestone 1)

                                                          Leading change: Creating an Initiative

 Who will benefit from this class:

Have you ever experienced a problem that upsets or bothers you enough that you want to do something about it?

If you have ever wanted to begin something and you've been lost, confused or just unsure of how to begin or wanted to create change in your community, school or even workplace, this is definitely a project for you.

Is it difficult ?!

The project itself is not difficult, anyone can complete the project, but any ground work you do on your own after the project will provide some challenges. All the work you put into the project will help that process.


Nothing specific is required, but do come with an open mind. A good deal of thinking, research and ground work will be required when you are ready to begin working toward creating your actual initiative, but having completed this project, you would have created a plan that will get the ball rolling.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide you with as much direction as possible in trying to create/start an initiative. You should have a few written documents by the end of the course.

Your project

The project is designed to get you critically thinking about an idea you want to turn into an Initiative. The purpose of the project is for you to brainstorm, define and document your ideas on paper. From this you would have created a set of written blueprints that will help you begin your initiative.

 Day 1: Developing your idea (Brainstorming)

 Day 2: Defining your idea & Creating a proposal

 Day 3: Who to speak too & Becoming Official/Recognition 

 Day 4: Creating sustainability & Taking it from here: What's next ?


What you will create

·         Idea page 

·         1-2 page sample proposal

·         lists of recruits/partners

·         Important people who could get the ball rolling

·         Organizations involved with the same idea

·         Plan for becoming an official organization and gaining recognition

·         A plan for sustainability (For when you're gone  how will it keep going)

·         What next ? Plans for the future

When is the project complete?

When you have created the written documents above,  then you would have completed the project.

Group experience

Expect some group interaction and collaborative effort. Some members of the class may have ideas, resources and contacts that could help you. They may even have the same passion as you do and want to form an alliance to work on the issue you're creating.

Feedback/Evaluation from instructor

I will be posting videos for each module explaining in detail each of the points listed above. During the project you may submit a copies of what you created for assistance and feedback.

Assistance & Resources

At any time during the project, should you need to contact me about questions or if you are in need of assistance, please feel free to ask me as much as possible !

I will also be available via live stream to give live assistance.

Best of luck in all your endeavors !

Sharing is caring

I want to share my passion. I want you to create opportunities in your surroundings, with hopes that you will one day be successful in your endeavors. The project I have outlined will help you develop the steps needed in order to get the ball rolling. 

My inspiration

The idea for this project came from a class I took while doing my Masters degree. I was taking this class and decided to create a program. Nearly 2 years later, I'm looking at a growing Wellness Initiative that serves to promote the dimensions of wellness for over 1,000 faculty and staff on my campus.

I wrote a proposal, spoke to influential people, conducted research and recruited a team. Our team created a business plan, marketing material and helped with the creation of our logo. We conducted a series of presentations targeted at improving employee wellness on campus and gained sustainability by working through the employee assistance program and academic programs on campus.



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