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Starting a Interior Decorating Business

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I am 36 years old.  I have lived in New York for 13 years.  Moving here was the biggest risk I've taken in that time. Until now.  

After getting my bachelor's of fine arts in painting and a couple years at home, I moved here to pursue textile/surface design at FIT and when I finished at FIT, I was so afraid of failure that I stayed safe.  I convinced myself that being content and making enough to pay the bills was enough.  I was so afraid of putting the hard work in to make my real dreams come true and failing that I only went after what I knew I could accomplish.  I was also afraid of what people would say and think.  I focused on all the negative aspects of what success would look like that I just stayed put.  Impatience also played a role in all of this.  I was, as the saying goes, "comparing my beginnings to other people's middles."  If I realized something was going to take longer and require more work than I was "comfortable" with I gave it up.  I was also not getting out and socializing and connecting with people who shared my passions.  So, in my vacuum, I talked myself out of all my big wishes.

Then, about 3 years ago,  I met my soon-to-be husband.  Through him, I discovered a whole world of creators, doers, hackers, makers and small business owners.  All of them, risk takers.  People who had fear, but did it anyway (not my words, but I'll get to this bit)  He is my mirror and through him I saw what I wanted for my life.  And to sum up, I abruptly left the dissatisfaction of the regular work week and regular pay with benefits and ventured out to try my hand at freelance designing while I figured out what my business was going to look like.  At almost the same time, a friend and former coworker tweeted about a conference at which she was going to be a guest speaker and had attended herself a couple years ago.  It was called Making Things Happen.  It was an intensive conference in North Carolina for creative entrepreneurs.  She had mentioned how it had changed her life.  Totally changed her life.  I looked it up and it sounded like just what I needed to give me the kick in the pants to, well, make things happen.  I took a leap (it was expensive, especially for someone who no longer had an income) and two weeks later I was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Those two days were eye-opening to say the least and they are another whole story.  I got many new words to live by including the phrase I mentioned earlier. But to sum it up, the conference helped reveal what had been hiding in my heart for so long.  

I want to be an interior decorator.  

POW!  Fireworks!  God light, angels singing, the whole nine.   I felt the same clarity I felt when I made the decision to move to New York.  This is it.  This is what I have to do.  Not only that, I want to be a decorator for everyone.  Not for just the well-to-do, not to-the-trade because everyone deserves design.  Everyone deserves to feel wonderful when they walk through the front door.  If you want to improve your space, you don't have to DIY, although that's wonderful, I'm here for you.

Now it's two months later and I'm only a teeny smidge further with that goal.  What I hope for listing my goals here and telling my story is that I am creating accountability and a support system to help me bridge the gap between goals and accomplishments.  My hope is that by stepping out of my comfort zone and making connections I can find wisdom and advice to fill my heart and mind with positivity to keep pushing me forward.


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