Starting Up!

So I started gaining weight at the age of 13, I have always eaten junk food but once I turned into a teenager I wasn't that active anymore and playing outside wasn't that common like it used to be, then to fight my boredom I would eat way more than I needed to. Now fast forward 11 years later and here I am still continuing my bad habits and 90 pounds over weight. Now I have always been a lazy person but I am now realizing just how old I am, how many years I wasted being out of shape and how much time I wasted staying/hiding in my house because I hate facing the world and being judged by everyone. Now I have lost 20 pounds in the last month because I have only been eating one meal a day. Now I usually change the meal for some sort of junk food which I know is extremely unhealthy but I really want to change. I know that I really need to learn how to have a healthy relationship with food again, not crave junk food so much and how to get out of my sedentary lifestyle. So for my first weight lost goal here it is:
Where I am starting:
    199 lbs
    BMI 36
Weight loss goal:
    140 lbs
    BMI 25
Specific Plan:
    6 hours (or more) per week of Cardio exercise 
    Eat a healthy balanced diet
    Monitor correct serving sizes of the proper food.
    Monitor workout performance using Fitocracy


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