Starting Out: Complete! | Skillshare Projects

Kodi K.

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Maximum Cattitude



Starting Out: Complete!

My first skillshare class and I went a little overboard practicing gestures!
Trying to define my gestures. I went and decided on some that seemed hard and interesting to do. Which proved difficult for me to create in photoshop!

Just watched first video and realized we had the same idea for heart tights. Mine are Mesh, but I might change what the symbol is for the final.

Getting close to the end! Drawing clothes, shoes, and anything of the sort is honestly hard for me to do. Probably more so with dresses than anything else, but I pushed through! For each of my three I decided to give them different styles. First one is petite, the second sporty, and the last punk. Modified some of their faces in the process and left one image with her body showing underneath.

I have now colored and finised my drawings! I tryed to give them each a distinct look, but my colors might have come up short. Even changed my heart tights to stars! For my first Skillshare class this was acutally pretty exciting. It fit right along the lines of what I really needed to work on including anatomy, poeses, and clothing. Although, I do feel I played it a little safe with the aspects of clothing and might have been to casual. Otherwise, I'm more confident in taking more classes. Cheers to improvement!


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