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Regie Bariuan

Lettering Artist and Designer



Starting My Day Right

I've tried doing a morning routine when I read Hal Elrod's book The Miracle Morning. But somehow I didn't manage to keep up with it. This course is a nice refresher as I start over and build new habits for my morning routine.

Primary Focus:

Start my morning right by doing one habit at a time that will help me improve myself at least 1 percent a day.

I want to start my mornings with habits that would help me improve and be a better version of myself each day. I want to start learning by finishing books that I read and completing lessons and courses that I am interested in. At the same time I want to start creating something each day and publish them to the world. All of these will help me feel a sense of fulfillment as I end my day and will make me feel excited to face the next day.

Habits I want to do:

  • Pray - I want to have a regular prayer time.
  • Reading books - I have a lot of books that I bought but haven't even started reading.
  • Writing - I want to get better at writing and eventually start my blog.
  • Lettering and Design - I'm currently doing a #The100DayProject that I post on Instagram but I'm having a difficult time to keep up.
  • Exercise - Develop habits for simple exercise that I can do at home.
  • Learning - Finish lessons and courses that I bought online.
  • Visualizations - Help me reconnect with my long term goals.

Daily Focus:

I don't have a specific focus on a day as I usually have different activities at the second half of the day. But for every week I will dedicate 30-mins of my Fridays for reviewing the things that I accomplished throughout the week. Then an hour of my Sundays wil be for planning the activities I have for the week. I'll keep my Saturdays open for spontaneous activities but I'll see to it that I do my routine every day.

My Morning Routine Schedule:

I don't have work as of the moment so I'm focusing most of my time in improving my craft and learning new stuff.

  • 6:00 am: Wake up and then do my prayer time, affirmations and visualizations.
  • 6:15 am: Review my schedule for the day that I written the night before.
  • 6:20 am: Freshen up, wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. Do light exercises. Take a walk outside or do jumping jacks indoors.
  • 6:40 am: Morning coffee and breakfast.
  • 7:00 am: Read a book.
  • 7:30 am: Write a journal.
  • 7:40 am: Rest. Go through email.
  • 8:00 am: Do initial lettering work.
  • 9:00 am: Learning Hour. Go through an online course or another Skillshare class.
  • 10:00 am: Action time. Do something related to what I just learned.
  • 10:30 am: Continue with my lettering work and post something in Instagram by lunch time.

Its important that I take rest in between lettering since my hands get tired when working for long hours. At the end of the day I need to review what I had accomplished and then plan for the next day before I go to bed. I say my prayers and then do visualizations as I prepare for another productive day.

Update: During my first day I woke up 40 minutes late. I adjusted my schedule to make the times easier to remember like for my lettering work I set that to start at 7:40am but decided to move it at 8am. 


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