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Starting Fresh :)

1st-2nd January 2015

Hello guys. So it's been around a month since I paid for a yearly subscription on Skillshare, so far I've watched TONS of super helpful and inspiring videos, but haven't actually made a start on any of the assignments, which I guess already reflects a bit on what my productivity state is currently like. (Please tell me I'm not alone in this!)

Ever since I started working a couple of years ago, I've found it increasingly difficult to manage between work life, personal life, health, and keeping up with my hobbies.

But 2015 will be different! I am excited to start this class and can't wait to see where it takes me. :)


Here's my results from the quiz:

As expected, my main problem is in the 'collection' phrase. I usually feel the things I need to do are so scattered everywhere that sometimes I don't know where to start, and I tend to be very forgetful. Hopefully by improving this, everything else will also start to fall into place.


Phrase 1 - Collecting Open Loops
2nd-3rd January 2015

For the last couple of months I've been trying trello. I chose it because it is kanban which is similar to the task management system we use at my current workplace (we use Jira). I didn't have major issues about trello although it seems a bit like an overkill for what I need. I also didn't collect all my open loops so in retrospective I see now what I was doing wrong. Since I'm starting over with this class, I'm keen to try Todoist, as I love the minimal approach and design. :D

(1) I've collected all the open loops I can think of. It's interesting to find that I had open looks scattered everywhere, in my inboxes, on evernote, and all sorts of places. 92 tasks to start. I'm sure more will come up later.

(2) Still need to get myself a physical inbox. At the moment I'm not sure what's supposed to go in there, but I'm sure something will come up.

Phrase 2 - Processing Tasks Using Next Physical Actions
3rd January 2015

(1) Clearred my email inboxes. This was a big task, because I have 5, and all of them have never really been sorted. It took me a whole evening and I have to say it's strangely satisfying to see all my inboxes empty for the first time. I also had to change my mail client from Windows Live to Outlook in order to use the Todoist outlook app. 

(2) Rewrote my To Do list into the next actionable tasks: This instantly made a lot of the tasks seem much more doable. 

(3) Added due dates: I found it hard to give exact due dates to tasks that were at least a month away, and ended up giving most of them the same dates of the last day of each month. I'll have to come back and redo these when the time approaches. I'm starting to see priority in my list, which is good.

(4) Made Area of Responsibility folders, and put each project into an AoR. 

(5) Did the same for Evernote. 

So organised! I'm feeling really good about this, and hope I can keep it up :D

Phrase 3 - Organising Tasks in a Trusted System
4th January 2015

I decided on Sunrise as my calendar app. Out of all my past attempts to organise myself, keeping a calendar/schedule is probably the worst. I'm the type of person who would accidentally make crashing appointments all the time and often forget what I've said yes to.

I set up different calendars to reflect my Areas of Responsibilities, and colour coded them in the same colours as on my Todoist. 

There's an option to sync Sunrise with Todoist, but for now I'm going to leave it seperate as I want to leave my calendar mostly for scheduling and appointments.

Phrase 4 - Reviewing Projects and Areas of Responsibilitiy
4th January 2015

Now that I've set up everything, I'm going to see how it goes for about a week and review myself before I continue the assignment.


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