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Sketchbook Magic 1


I blind picked a pencil from my jar. It was a dull Faber Castell HB with no eraser. Opened my 5" x 8.5" Canson blackbook (smaller than my usual 8.5x11 books) and made a box with a tiny margin around it for notes. I started drawing with my eyes closed, using the flat side of the pencil to put down some marks, making sure to angle the tip with each stroke to get some line weight variation. After a couple minutes of this i opened my eyes and kind of saw a mountain side and sort of imposed a figure walking down some rocky slope into some jungle of darkness... that "story" made the scribbles tolerable for me. though i can't believe i'm sharing. k thanks! 





I blind picked a Montana paint pen that was almost out of ink. Magic bowl said "characters" so i just started...then grabbed another dry pen (micron pigma 05) and used up the ink in both tools. I haven't done that in years, kind of fun. I wanted to keep going but i only had about 22 minutes and drew- fast and ugly ... but admittedly fun once i started. 





Rolled a 5 (minutes). Pulled "Clobberz" from the 100+ promts i have in the bowl. Clobberz are a family of little rascals i created forever ago ... fun to see their dumb simple expressions. Micron Pigma black, i chose the pen this time, because i always start with pencil. and i want to break some habbits, to create better ones! 

4-22-16 ClobberGang




I rolled a 10 but x'd by 2. so 20 minutes to use promt: "intuitive". blind selected a #6 windsor brush, grabbed a cheap watercolor set and sat outside the coffee shop and painted. I listened to afro cuban music which is fast and up beat... so putting down the lines was kind of elegant at first... but started to get muddy quick. i think i stopped in time- might use this page as a background for something else ... we'll see ... not a moment wasted though.





Using yesterdays intuitive piece as motivation to create something "concrete" i chose to draw something outside. The budding trees caught my eye and i sketched a page (below) then took a pic, to reference later. 10 minutes with mechanical pencil. .5mm 



referenced iphone pic and zoomed in. I rolled 12 minutes, took more like 40. and i'm sharing now only cuz i think i should stop. The more detail, the more static the image becomes...which is cool- understanding how the actual structure of the plant works is humbling (nature is magical!)

But i'd like to continue this study and see how to really bring a detailed drawing to LIFE! Fearless exploration will be my strategy over my next +10 days.   




+10 day_1 

Thanks Ria that was awesome! Here's the first of my +10 days in sketchbookmagic 1. I selected the apple pencil that ive never used from my jar of tools. I charged up the ipad and used the sketch app procreate. The digital pencil was a nice gift, but i never thought i'd use it. It takes getting used to but the point is i stepped out of my comfort zone and just went fearless and experimental and here's what happened after 4x 10 min sessions. 




+10 Day_2

this morning i watched the sun coming up and the birds were getting their chirp on and i finger painted on the steamed window. 10 seconds. took photo, printing and pastng in sketchbook now. who needs photoshop??




+10 Day_3

i chose soccer from the magic bowl. did a 4 minute rough sketch looking at a picture. then did another 20 minutes to close the contour lines and began on the feet and hands. no face so pretty easy ...  might try inking him, then coloring him... i probably should do 10 more players. full squad. good anatomy lesson.




+10 Day_4

kind of inspired by the organic movement in the soccer player, i looked to nature. so started to draw quick ink line drawings of the trees,..just before the leaves come back. amazing forms. micron pigma 01. before i start inking my drawings, i'm going to try and draw warm ups in pen only, all types, but bold and un afraid of mistakes. experimenting with the speed and feel of diff nibs on diff types of paper. the goal is to hit the inks with ability to convey the elegance of a dancer ... rhythm and flow. not too tight and stiff ...




+10 Day_5

As i transition into the end of my day i chose to simply color block a drawing from a couple of days ago. i kept the orinal drawing and photocopied it and used a copic marker to commit to the form. which now has depth. i like how one sketch can make you run back to another sketch, and be like "i did that" now i can make it better. "Artist Art" 




+10 Day_6

I took my exploration of the human form even further after a series of nature studies. I chose the micron pigma again (no erasing) and chose "skeleton" from the bowl. 7,8,9 minute sketches. using an anotomy book and my gold skull ring as reference! So many mistakes! but i'm learing the sciece behind the face... so its good practice...going to see Deadpool tonight... probably will show up in my sketches!




+10 Day_7

picked intuitive drawing from the bowl this morning . 20 mins.




+10 Day_8

picked birds from the the bowl. went into a bird sketch frenzy. prob like 30 seconds each. trying to get familiar with cartoony birds then dive into anatomy later. just fun to sketch and feel free!




+10 Day_9

continuing with my beloved bird theme, i chose "blue" from my color bowl and did another bird using as many of the blue colored tools as i coold in a about 20 mins.




+10 Day_10

it's been emotional! thank you Ria and thanks to everyone for sharing their own great work. I personally learned some really cool things following Ria's Method, and inspiration and fun started showing up!  

to ensure my continuation with personal challenges i joined Ria and the #RSselfiesketch challenge:

so here's my face off with the fear of drawing timed self portraits! Peace and Love all. -JRV @ninjavelli





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